Patrick van Rensburg Memorial – London 16/09/17

Follow this link to see the Program.

See the  Expected Attendance here.

And see the Actual Attendance here.

Click each image to see the testamonials!!

Alison Kirton

Mike Hawkes

Read the essence of Mike’s speech Here

Tessa McArdle

Joyce Leader

Julia Majaha-Jartby

Romain de Cock

Simon Vivian

Derek Hudson

Liz and Tom van Rensburg

Minor corrections:-

  • LvR – Patrick moved from Serowe to Gaborone in 1980 (not late 1980’s).
  • TvR – Patrick received the Right Livelihood Award in 1981 (not 1991).

Dr Kevin Shillington

Celia Kibblewhite

Jenny Baker

Read the essence of Jenny’s speech Here

We have made every effort to make this website accurate but a document of this type is prone to mistakes and omissions, for which we apologise.  If you spot any errors let us know about them by contacting us here :- Contact


One thought on “Patrick van Rensburg Memorial – London 16/09/17

  1. Hello Gerry

    Impressive record of Patrick’s Memorial -congratulations.
    No wonder I failed to have a proper chat Gerry
    Hope there’ll be another opportunity
    Best wishes Dafydd


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