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    • Links to PDF Documents.  Most of the historical documents on this site are in PDF format.  Unfortunately, different internet browsers handle PDF files in different ways.
      • Chrome.  Opens the document in a new Chrome ‘Tab’ and control is passed to that tab.  When finished with the document close the tab.
      • Internet Explorer.  Does not open the file in the browser.  Instead (see the picture below) it offers the user the option to :-
        1. ‘Open’ the file with a separate PDF file program.  The file is opened in a new window. Close the window to return to ‘The Swaneng Story’.
        2. ‘Save’ the file to your computer in your ‘Downloads’ directory.
        3. ‘Cancel’ leaves you on your current ‘The Swaneng Story’ page.


  • Photos.
    • Are (or should be) numbered.
    • If you contact us about a photo then please tell us the photo’s number that you are referring to.  This will make it easier for us to update the information about it, if necessary.
  • Clicking on photos.
    • Clicking on a photo that is in the text of this document will open a full sized copy of the picture in a new window.  Close this window to return to the text of the document.
    •  Clicking on a photo that is in a ‘Gallery’ will open a ‘Slide Show’ that allows you to scroll through the photos in the gallery.  The ‘Slide Show’ starts with the photo that you clicked on.  Faint arrows at the sides of the photos are used for scrolling through the photos.  The arrows become more distinct when the mouse is over them.  The left and right arrow keys can also be used to scroll through the pictures in the gallery.  The ‘Slide Show’ ‘wraps around’, that is you can scroll right from the last photo to the first one and likewise, scroll left from the first photo to the last one.  To exit from a gallery click the ‘x’ in the top right hand corner of the slide show window or press the ‘Esc’ key.
  • Video and audio.
    • For financial reasons we cannot embed either video or audio files into this website.  Instead these files are uploaded to ‘YouTube’ and links to them are put into the website.
    • Because ‘YouTube’ can manage video files only, audio files must be converted to video files.  An image is merged with the audio to produce the video file and the picture used does not necessarily relate to the audio.
    • Developer’s tip :- ‘YouTube’ files are embedded by simply pasting the URL for the file onto a blank line in the page – WordPress does the rest.  It is best to append :- &rel=0 to the end of the URL because this stops ‘YouTube’ from automatically running the next clip.
    • Another developer’s tip.  You do not need a special program to convert an audio file into a video file that can be uploaded to ‘YouTube’ because this can be done on the following website :-  The audio file must be in mp3 format and a picture file is also required (many formats accepted).  You must be in ‘YouTube’ when you run this application.  After selecting appropriate audio and picture files the video file is created and uploaded to ‘YouTube’ in one go.
  • Searching
    • There is a ‘Search Widget’ towards the bottom of the ‘Right Margin’ on each page.
    • Enter text into the box and hit the ‘Enter’ key.
    • Only ‘Pages’ are searched.  Captions, titles, etc in photos are NOT searched.
    • The results of the search are showed in a ‘Search Results’ page in the same window.  Use the ‘Back Arrow’ icon to return to the original page.
    • The ‘Search Results’ page shows the pages in which the entered text appears, but it does not indicate where in the page the text is.
    • Click on the page names to go to the relevant page, in the same window.  Use the ‘Back Arrow’ icon to go back to the search page.
    • Use your browser’s search facilities to search the page if necessary.
  • Translation
    • There is a ‘Translation Widget’ at the bottom of the ‘Right Margin’ on each page.
    • Click the ‘widget’ to get a list of languages that the text can be translated into.
    • Click your selected language and the text on the page and the captions on photos are translated.

We have made every effort to make this website accurate but a document of this type is prone to mistakes and omissions, for which we apologise.  If you spot any errors let us know about them by contacting us here :- Contact


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