Bechuanaland was the name of Botswana before it gained independence in 1966.  It was one of the poorest countries in Africa.  Prior to independence it had suffered over five years of drought.  Read about the history of Bechuanaland by following this link:- Bechuanaland

Anthony Sillery was the Resident Commissioner of the Bechuanaland Protectorate from 1946 to 1950.  In October 1966 he gave a lecture about Bechuanaland from the British perspective to ‘Botswana I’ – the first group of U.S. Peace Corps volunteers to be sent to Botswana.  Read a transcript of his lecture by following this link:-anthonysillerytopeacecorps

The first president of Botswana was Seretse Khama.  Read his remarkable story by following this link:- SeretseKhama

In 2016 a film was made of Seretse Khama’s life – “A United Kingdom”.  It is very dramatized but factually accurate.  See the trailer to this film by following this link:- AUnitedKingdom

The following video clips were made in March 1965, the year before Bechuanaland became Botswana.

We have made every effort to make this website accurate but a document of this type is prone to mistakes and omissions, for which we apologise.  If you spot any errors let us know about them by contacting us here :- Contact



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